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Initial sketches were based on images of cat skulls. I love the elegant way that the shape of bones match their function. A skull offers just the right amount of beastliness.

A second set of exploratory sketches with a looser, freehand feel. Here I was experimenting with using floral shapes to add some softness to the cat skull.

Playing with different fonts, text placement, and incorporation of watercolor shapes.

Reimagining the skull and floral shape with more precision, but I felt like the image is too cold and unapproachable.

Final design, made fluffier and more welcoming. The rough, color-outside-the-lines look feels like a good match for my style of illustration. I love that in this iteration the skull looks like a Día de los Muertos mask, expressing the spooky playfulness my own personality. Between the watercolor background and the cat skull, it has the perfect balance of dreamy gentleness and stimulating beastliness.

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