Alliance Players

From 2015 to 2018 I volunteered at the JFC Brunssum Alliance Players theater group on the Brunssum NATO base in the Netherlands. Our group was small, so when we were working on a show it was all hands on deck! Between acting, directing, shopping for props and costumes, and taking photos, I also sat on the board as the group’s Publicity Director. In this role, I created posters, programs, graphics, promotional copy, and the company’s website.

Show Posters

Web Design

I designed this website to be responsive and compatible across a range of devices. I no longer maintain this site, but you can see it live here.


For our production of She Kills Monsters, we decided to project images from the Dungeons & Dragons world above the actors. I controlled the images via a slideshow and applied animations to each image to create a more dynamic effect.

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