I’m an art student and design junkie who specializes in art, photography, and design.

With a little bit of writing thrown in too.

Real Estate Photography

Don’t let your real estate listing be overlooked!

Whether you’re selling or renting, quality real estate photography is a worthwhile investment.

Bright, vibrant, and accurate photos can mean the difference between a long, frustrating process and the quick sale you need!

I’m willing to travel throughout the North Carolina Triangle including Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, and surrounding areas.

I’ll come wearing a mask and use hand sanitizer frequently to protect you and your family.


✦ 20-30 photos, complete with window view recovery
✦ flexible scheduling
✦ quick turnaround

Yours for $185!

Tell me about your project!

Woodland Retreat || Chapel Hill, NC

Schloss Rimburg || Uebach-Palenburg, Germany

Kat Timm's real estate photo of Schloss Rimburg

Portrait & Art Photography

>> Portrait photoshoots are currently on hold due to the coronavirus and social distancing recommendations. <<
Stay safe, everyone!


Graphic design, branding, print design, flyers, and more.