Paint Patch Fail! – Home Photo Studio, ORC Week 3

Hey all! It’s week 3 of the One Room Challenge, and I’ve come up against my own personal bonus challenge: a simple paint patch job gone wrong.

Paint Patch Fail! – Home Photo Studio, ORC Week 3 | dreamyBEAST design

So you know how you can walk into literally any hardware store and they have this huge wall of handy paint swatches so you can look at the colors at home? Yeah, those are there for a reason, Kat.

For this One Room Challenge, I’m cleaning up a neglected spare room so I can use it as a mini photography studio. One small thing I needed to clean up is the nicks and scratches on the walls, places where furniture has rubbed up against the paint and left an ugly mark.

Paint Patch Fail! – Home Photo Studio, ORC Week 3 | dreamyBEAST design


I thought this should be easy. All I needed to do was get a splash of the paint the rental agency told me to use when repainting any walls before we moved. Dover White. Which was fifteen dollars for a quart (on sale) at Sherwin Williams.

Considering I needed less than an ounce… Ouch.

“At least this is a super easy fix!” I thought to myself as I pried open the can, a dangerous optimism clouding my common sense. I grabbed a tiny paintbrush and set to work.


It took me two minutes to cover each nick on the wall and blend the edge of the paint. It took me four minutes to realize that as the off-white paint dried, it wasn’t matching the off-white color of the wall. Not even close.

It’s really tricky to capture the color of the wall accurately. It’s definitely not this dark in person… but the paint patch spots are clearly visible!

In my haste to fix these paint scratches between final homework assignments, I failed to consider that the walls might not be the rental agency’s go-to Dover White. They are not Dover White. They’re like, ecru. Or something.

Nothing like creating more work for yourself, right? I’ll post an update here once I fix this problem. Until then, it’s back to homework! Don’t forget to check out what other bloggers are doing on their One Room Challenge projects by clicking here.

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