ORC Spring 2018 Week 1 – Multipurpose Playroom!

ORC Spring 2018: Multipurpose Playroom! | dreamyBEAST design

Guys! It’s One Room Challenge time again! After redecorating my bedroom for the last One Room Challenge, I think I might be hooked. So when my friend Dani, author of Where Do Bananas Come From? and the Experience Delicious blog, mentioned she wanted to redecorate her playroom/guest bedroom, I jumped at the opportunity to take over her project.

Wait. No.

Help out with her project.





Dani really wanted a comfortable space to play with her toddler Shiloh, not to mention a space to corral the growing collection of toys and kid stuff. The basement guest bedroom is large enough to accommodate a play space. But Dani admitted that she didn’t bring Shiloh down very often, “because I don’t like how this room looks.”

I totally understand where she’s coming from. Since the master bedroom redo, I love being in my bedroom 1000% more.

[bctt tweet=”A functional, beautiful space is a comfortable space. That’s what being home is all about.” via=”no”] That’s what we’re going to create in this space.

Multipurpose Playroom: Before

ORC Spring 2018: Multipurpose Playroom! | dreamyBEAST design


Right now, the bare, white walls make the room feel stark and uninviting. The fluorescent lighting from above doesn’t make it any cozier!


ORC Spring 2018: Multipurpose Playroom! | dreamyBEAST design


Dani is a nutritionist, so when a friend offered Shiloh this play kitchen for free, it was a no-brainer. But the brown and tan colors make it look less “whimsical food exploration” and more “1980s German pub”. This window is the only source of natural light in the room.


ORC Spring 2018: Multipurpose Playroom! | dreamyBEAST design


Since the other purpose of this room is a functional guest room, the bed stays.

This curtain is covering the other “window”. It matches the first one, but it opens to under the porch, so there’s no light coming through there. Just a bit of an eyesore. Cameos from Henry the Very Handsome Poodle and Demsey the Disgruntled Dormouse.


ORC Spring 2018: Multipurpose Playroom! | dreamyBEAST design


Random cute toys longing for a place to rest when not in use. Desk and drawers, mostly empty. The door leads to a utility closet with space for clothes, so the desk and drawers will probably leave the room.

Design Considerations & Plans

I love a blank canvas to work with! Now that we’ve gotten a look at the room, let’s look at some of our goals for the space.

Design Considerations

  • Dani and her hubby are renters, so any painted walls have to be repainted white before they leave. We’re going to leave the walls white and try to keep the hole drilling to a minimum. The cement walls won’t allow very deep holes anyway.
  • Since we know they’re going to be moving within the next couple years, we want to create decor pieces that can be taken with them and used in their future homes. Think of it as low-key modular design.
  • For that matter, any large purchases we make have to be versatile enough to work in another room in the house. This is always a good approach to home design. Dani’s love of simple, rustic textures and airy, nature-inspired colors are evident throughout her home, so this should be easy to achieve!

Design Plans Overview

  • Room divider. Visually divide the space between the playroom and the guest bedroom.
  • Rug situation. New rugs? Swap rugs from another room?
  • Toy storage. A place for everything… that’s not in the living room!
  • Teepee for hide-and-seek. Why weren’t these a thing when I was little? When I was a kid, we had to use couch cushions and blankets. And walk to school in the snow. While fending off wolves.
  • Wood-print foam floor tiles. To warm and cushion tiny knees and look classy doing it.
  • Kid-sized table and chairs. For coloring and play-doh.
  • Adult seating area. Because those tiny child chairs can only handle so much.
  • Easy rotation art display area. Because the fridge can only handle so much.
  • Chalkboard. Everyone secretly loves drawing on the walls! Admit it!
  • Ambient lighting. Bring in soft alternatives to the harsh overhead lighting to make the room cozier.
  • Deal with the un-window. In a way that’s not weird or awkward.

Multipurpose Playroom Moodboard

This room is doing double duty, so it’s important to keep a cohesive look through both the playroom and bedroom areas. Neutral surfaces with bursts of gentle color will keep the space feeling light and playful.


ORC Spring 2018: Multipurpose Playroom! | dreamyBEAST design



Dani will swear that she’s not creative, but it was her idea to string up artwork between old shutters. She loves gallery walls, but this option gives us an easy way to change out drawings, avoid banging a bunch of holes in the wall, and it’ll be a breeze to pack up when it’s time to move.

After I suggested the world’s favorite shelving unit as a room divider option, Dani was worried about the sturdiness of the Kallax. Instead, she ordered a hefty German Schrank like the one pictured. If all goes according to plan, that baby will be our room divider and toy storage! Boom. We are flying through this shiz.

Just kidding.


Kind of.

We did encounter a win early on when Dani suggested moving the play kitchen into the space she’d cleared in the hallway. After some determined wedging, that mofo fits perfectly under the stairs!


ORC Spring 2018: Multipurpose Playroom! | dreamyBEAST design


Shiloh gets to enjoy her kitchen, and we get to enjoy not having to design around it. There’s even enough space between the plastic and the radiator to not burn the house down. Yessss.

Next comes shopping. Wish us luck!

And happy decorating to all of the other guest participants in the One Room Challenge! I can’t wait to see how all of these rooms come along.


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