Perfect Imperfection – Saffar’s Mixed Metal Dual Bowls

Listen, I don’t use the phrase “perfect imperfection” for just anything. While I am a fan of the wabi-sabi aesthetic, I’m a recovering perfectionist. It’s rare that I will haul out the p-word.

It’s totally warranted in this case.


Anyway. Ask my boyfriend if I collect anything, and he’ll tell you I collect rabbits. Especially wooden rabbits.

This is not true.


Perfect Imperfection - Saffar's Mixed Metal Dual Bowls | dreamyBEAST design




He may also point out that I’m drawn inexplicably to random pieces of dull metal.


Perfect Imperfection - Saffar's Mixed Metal Dual Bowls | dreamyBEAST design


I’ve literally found rusted pieces of discarded scrap metal in the woods, then adopted that shit. Free home decor! It doesn’t get more rustic than that, amiright?


BoyfriendMan also seems to think I’m obsessed with small bowls. Again, no. I’m not obsessed.


Perfect Imperfection - Saffar's Mixed Metal Dual Bowls | dreamyBEAST design


I mean… Not really. But I recently interneted across some bowls that I’m totally, totally obsessed with.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Saffar Dual Bowl.



Did you just die? Because I think I just dragged you to my own personal heaven right now. Twice in the process of writing this post, I’ve caught myself gazing into the endless roundness of these opalescent orbs, without any idea of how much time has passed.

Now that we’re all mesmerized, it gets even better. These bowls are crafted using traditional and experimental methods of Kuwaiti sand casting, and each bowl is a hand-crafted, one of a kind piece. Besides being drop-dead beauteous (I told you, perfect imperfection!), this project elegantly blends art and function while highlighting the talent, dedication, and cultural identity of the Kuwaiti artisans.


Perfect Imperfection - Saffar's Mixed Metal Dual Bowls | dreamyBEAST design


My favorite is the bowl in the top left corner, the one plated with copper and nickel. The warm blush color reminds me of the gently rosy tips of an echeveria succulent!

So where can I get one of these beauties?

Saffar’s successful Kickstarter campaign ended this fall, and as far as I can tell, the company has started shipping to the campaign’s backers this winter. I haven’t seen any indication that the these bowls are about to be available for purchase.

If you check out their Kickstarter page, you’ll see that these babies aren’t cheap. The super early bird price for the smallest bowl started at £56, so if the bowls do become available anytime soon, expect them to be a splurge!

And if they do become available, you’d better bet that copper and nickel plated bowl will be making an appearance at the top of our wedding registry!


Which bowl is your favorite? I can’t be the only one crazy about these mixed metal beauties!






Dual Bowls

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    1. Ughhh, me too! They really are striking. At that price point, a collection is probably not on the near horizon for me… but hey! I can dream, right? 😉

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