Paint Color Panic… and Hack! • ORC Week Four, Master Bedroom

It’s week 4 of Calling It Home’s One Room Challenge. Last week we painted the accent wall a gorgeous deep teal, so now it’s time to paint the rest of the walls! But – oh, no – what’s this? Something has gone terribly wrong! This isn’t an everyday meltdown right here… Just in time for Halloween, this is a paint color panic.


As always, check out the other guest participants here and the featured designers here. In case you hadn’t heard, the reveal day has been pushed back by a week in order to help out the designers affected by natural disasters. That’s really thoughtful, Linda! 

As I’m looking through the other guest participants’ room renovations, I can’t help but notice how many beautiful white rooms there are. White rooms that look dreamy and airy and posh. I want to move into them right away.

So… I find myself asking why I’m painting all the white walls in my bedroom.

The white walls in my bedroom are too depressing to me. They’re not an on-purpose white. They’re dingy and dinged and just look like they’ve been neglected.

I have to say though, taping a bunch of paint samples to the wall for *cough, cough two years cough* has really brightened things up in the corner by the door!


Paint Color Panic... and Hack! | ORC Week Four, Master Bedroom Design | dreamyBEAST design


So cheerful.


And if I’m going to spend hours and hours painting a room, I want to see a difference, damnit.

So BoyfriendMan and I painstakingly collected and discussed paint chips. We looked at them in different lights and at different times of the day. We analyzed them from different angles. Finally we arrived at a favorite we both agreed on. A light, relaxing greyish aqua. The perfect paint color.

Until I got it onto the first wall.

Paint Color Panic

I swear I could almost hear the violin screech from Psycho as I stepped back and looked at my work.


Paint Color Panic... and Hack! | ORC Week Four, Master Bedroom Design | dreamyBEAST design


The photos really don’t do justice to the shockingly vivid paint color that now clung to the sheetrock. I thought we’d chosen a relatively calm, stony, neutral color of light aqua called “Muziek”. Nope! What I had chosen was more like “Mint Ice Cream to the X-TREME” or “Nursery Decorated Like a Circus”.


Paint Color Panic... and Hack! | ORC Week Four, Master Bedroom Design | dreamyBEAST design


It looks so innocent in the photos! Believe me, it wasn’t. In person it was maddening. And I still had over 4 liters of it.

Paint Color Hack of the Damned – Enter at Your Own Risk!

Desperate not to spend another 30 euro on paint and encouraged by the boyfriend, I made a risky decision.

I grabbed a half-full bucket of paint left over from the kitchen, and like a mad scientist, I dumped an indiscriminate amount of the beautiful taupe paint into the abominable robin’s egg bucket of deceit.

Lightning flashed outside. Birds fell from tree branches. I cackled and stirred the two colors together, past the point of no return.

I started painting the wall.


Paint Color Panic... and Hack! | ORC Week Four, Master Bedroom Design | dreamyBEAST design


This photo does a terrible job at representing the colors as they appeared in the room, though it does show how different the new color (right) is from the original (left).

Immediately, the new hybrid color (Gamma brand paint, “Muziek” x “Graaf”) seemed to be too dark. Too grey.

Oh no.

Had I thrown away the money I spent by ruining the paint I had bought? Would I have enough for second coats I needed, or had I doomed myself by creating a color I had no hope of properly replicating?!

I kept painting.

For days I painted, alone, in a paint-fume induced fugue state, until, finally, I finished the last coat on the last surface.

As the walls dried in layers around me, I felt my heart beat slow to a normal rate. I lowered myself from the corner of the ceiling where I’d been screeching and crabwalking in circles and flopped, exhausted, onto the bed. The blood that had been flowing from my eyes reduced to a trickle before being replaced with tears of gentle joy.


I had enough paint for both coats, and on the wall it had dried to a silky, stony aqua. It was a Halloween miracle.


Paint Color Panic... and Hack! | ORC Week Four, Master Bedroom Design | dreamyBEAST design


I can’t wait to show you guys how it turned out. Just a few more weeks. And in the meantime, Happy Halloween from me and my  spooky familiar  very helpful cat.











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