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Hey guys! It’s week two of the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling it Home. Check out the other ongoing guest participant projects here, and see the start of my project here.

One Room Challenge Guest Participant

I have a confession to make. In planning out my changes to my master bedroom, I’ve been getting a little  neurotic  moody.


No, wait. Neurotic.






And excited!


Because between mocking up a mood board and squinting at the walls in my master bedroom, over the past week I’ve been coming to terms with some of the restrictions of my project. And these restrictions are steering things in some interesting and unexpected directions.

Restriction 1

Like I said last week, we’re only going to be in this room for another eight months or so. I’m not trying to buy a bunch of new furniture right before we move, so I’m mostly sticking with what we’ve got. This brings a not-so-delightful rainbow of woods and colors to deal with, the major players being:

  • bed frame – rich choco-cherry brown
  • sets of drawers – one white and minimalist, one vintage khaki, and one retro piece in neutral colors
  • armoire – matches the white and minimalist drawers (Germans don’t believe in bedroom closets, so this absolutely has to stay.)

“Wow! What an inspiring and eclectic mix!” you might say, if you’re trying to be nice. Anyway, they’re likely all staying, so we’re going to make it work.

Restriction 2

There’s really no room for standard nightstands. Did I show you the space I intend to squeeze the bed into?

I know. You’re a madman, Kat! But stay tuned, because I have a strange idea for how to handle this, and I even kinda like it.

Restriction 3

I had plans for this light dusky aqua on all the walls, because I’m suspicious that if we were to go with a deep dramatic color in this dark cave of a room, some bats and shit would start moving in.

The flaw in this plan is that I’ve really been digging moody rooms lately, and a light color just doesn’t feel right against the new duvet set and bistro lights I have planned. We already bought the paint, but —

Oh, wait.

That’s not really much of a problem. I’ll just paint an accent color on the wall behind the bed.

I think myself into these frenzies, see. Like I said.


To the Moody Moody Mood Board!

Mood Board Got Me Like | ORC Week Two, Master Bedroom Design | dreamyBEAST design


So here’s my current vision for the room, in mood board form. We’ve got the light walls, the accent wall, the mis-matched furniture, and a few added elements to make it interesting. Black and white floral prints, and maybe a dark rug to boost the drama. Brass accents might be a thing that happens too. This is surprising to me, but I think it just might work.

I fully believe that working with imposed limitations can force you to adapt in awesome ways you never would have expected. Don’t forget to check out how other guest participants are harnessing their own restrictions to push their personal design envelopes during the rest of the One Room Challenge!



Man, they should call these EMOTION boards. What a roller coaster.







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