DIY Dramatic Art, Faux Plants? • ORC Week Three, Master Bedroom

Week three of Calling It Home’s One Room Challenge, everybody! Getting down to business. Check out other fabulous guest participant projects here, featured designers here. Want to see previous posts about this master bedroom project? Before photos here, and mood board here. Now? Time for some DIY dramatic art, an accent wall painted, and an inner struggle over faux plants!

This is why I like you guys, by the way. You like talking about the same weird stuff that I do. My boyfriend’s eyes glaze over when I start talking decor.

Dark Teal Accent Wall

DIY Dramatic Art, Faux Plants? | ORC Week Three, Master Bedroom Design | dreamyBEAST design

Let’s start things off with the accent wall that the bed will sit against. While I wish it had turned out a little greener, like it appeared on the swatch, it’s still a beautiful, rich color. We’re rolling with it. But not literally! I like painting by hand when possible, because it’s a cleaner process, no tiny specks splattered across the room. Hand painting also naturally creates really interesting color variations that give the surface so much more depth than you can get with a roller.


DIY Dramatic Art, Faux Plants? | ORC Week Three, Master Bedroom Design | dreamyBEAST design


Here’s the wall after the first coat. BoyfriendMan saw it and said that he loved it just like this! I ended up adding a couple more coats as I was shooting for a darker color, but I made a mental note to recreate this style and texture in a future project.

DIY Large Scale Dramatic Art (Engineer Print Fail)

DIY Dramatic Art, Faux Plants? | ORC Week Three, Master Bedroom Design | dreamyBEAST design


As I’m sure everyone has seen by now, engineer prints are basically a godsend for the budget decorator. They’re a fantastic way to DIY your own large scale dramatic art, and because they’re not photo quality, they usually come in under $5 a print!

I’ve been drooling over moody black and white floral prints lately, and knew that’s what I wanted in the master bedroom. Luckily, I had a stash of stunning flower images that I’d taken at Keukenhof this spring. Every year, these massive gardens feature hundreds of varieties of botanical beauty, highlighting the famous Dutch tulip. It’s impossible to go without snapping hundreds of dreamy photos of the luscious blooms, so I was set for images. I just needed them printed, so I placed an order on and felt quite pleased with myself.


Small wrench thrown into my plans, in the form of an email, days later. Staples won’t ship outside the U.S.

Not a problem, I thought, I’ll just place the order locally through the Dutch Staples website. I formatted the photos for European print dimensions and ordered the engineer prints with minimal difficulty.

Almost immediately, I got an email back saying that the paper type I chose was too light, and did I want to continue the prints on a thicker paper for three times the price?


SHIT. The Dutch were on to me.


See, where we are in Europe, the adorable idea of “the customer is always right” does not exist. So when the printing place saw what were clearly not architectural drafts come through their queue, they were not about to print them as engineer prints.

Luckily, ordering them as posters, I was still able to get three large A2 prints for about 30 euro. Totally worth it. And I love love love how they turned out.


DIY Dramatic Art, Faux Plants? | ORC Week Three, Master Bedroom Design | dreamyBEAST design


Remember that very slanted wall that the bed has been (kind of) against? That’s where these babes are going. Like so many times before, I’m placing all of my hopes and dreams, the entire future of this dramatic art, into the magical power of 3M.

Wish. Me. Luck.


DIY Dramatic Art, Faux Plants? | ORC Week Three, Master Bedroom Design | dreamyBEAST design



To Faux Plants or Not To Faux Plants?

Acute readers may remember that my main complaint with this room is that it’s super dark. That room has tortured and killed multiple plants, so I made up my mind to buy some faux flora to brighten the space up.

Destiny itself chimed in in support of the decision. Did anyone else listen to Young House Love’s podcast this week? It just happened to be in defense of fake plants (thanks for the moral support, Sherry and John)!


DIY Dramatic Art, Faux Plants? | ORC Week Three, Master Bedroom Design | dreamyBEAST design


So I got to IKEA and made a beeline for the plant section, where I was greeted by this lovely faux Box Hedge and cheerful FerniusGullius.


Aaaaaand I couldn’t bring myself to do it! I didn’t buy them. There’s just a gorgeous vitality about live plants that the falsies lack.

You guys would be so proud of me, though. I walked through the entire section without buying a single live plant! We can’t take any plants with us when we move in the spring, so I’ve set a rule for myself not to acquire any new ones until the move.

But man, it was hard to resist the temptation.


DIY Dramatic Art, Faux Plants? | ORC Week Three, Master Bedroom Design | dreamyBEAST design


Due to my ongoing goal of learning “How to Plants”, we already have houseplants scattered all throughout our place. Repotted jade cuttings, small pots of ivy, a mystery plant, and maybe a zamioculcas will all try their best to survive in the master bedroom window.

It will be like a reality show for plants. In my head, it’s really dramatic.


DIY Dramatic Art, Faux Plants? | ORC Week Three, Master Bedroom Design | dreamyBEAST design


If none of them can tough it out, I’m headed back to IKEA. Or I’ve heard rave reviews about the faux plants at Maybe I’ll try one of those.


DIY Dramatic Art, Faux Plants? | ORC Week Three, Master Bedroom Design | dreamyBEAST design


Because ultimately, isn’t the prettiest plant… one that doesn’t look like it’s dying? 😉


Have you ever had a successful engineer print experience? Or have you ordered personalized dramatic art some other way? Most importantly, do you have any fake plants, and which of my houseplants are you rooting for?


Come back next week for more progress on my One Room Challenge master bedroom update! Unless I die of paint fumes before then.







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8 thoughts on “DIY Dramatic Art, Faux Plants? • ORC Week Three, Master Bedroom

  1. Sorry about the print, I never tried printing that big, a friend of mine did so and it too was an epic fail. She instead blew up a picture she has on a shower curtain (most online photoshop does that here) and it looked fantastic, she finished it off with some trimming (Check it out here! Love the color of the wall, and yeah the boyfriend has some good eye, I like it too that way, but I’m sure it looks so much better now. I do faux plants a lot, usually just orchids since even the real ones look fake anyway. Faux succulents are the best faux plants out there too. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for linking to your friend’s project! I’ll definitely keep it in mind next time I need a large-scale image printed. Orchids do look kind of too-good-to-be-true even when they’re real, don’t they? Good luck with your project too!

  2. I love the paint color you chose! Gorgeous! The last time I tried to order an engineer print (ahem, “photo”), they wouldn’t let me print it either…they said it “has to be blue prints”. I guess they’re on to all of us!

    1. Yeah! I guess this hack has been around long enough that printers are getting wise to it. I don’t mind paying for a proper print if it’s affordable, but that’s a pretty big “if”! 😉

  3. I have a few faux plants and florals around my house, mainly because I kill all real plants. I have a majestic palm that was gorgeous when I bought her, but she’s on her last legs now. 🙁 I’ll have to check Ikea for some though… I need to make a trip anyway to buy some frames, especially a big white one for MY engineer print that’s going over my bed! Love the deep color of your accent wall!

    1. Oh my gosh! If I were haunted by the spirit of every plant I’ve lovingly neglected to death, it would be like the Haunted Mansion up in here. I’m trying so hard to get better at plants… which mostly consists of finding the hardiest ones through trial and error. Best of luck with your ailing palm! Can’t wait to see how your engineer print turns out.

  4. God damned, Dutch.
    I ordered a light fixture on etsy from Greece and then I got an email like ‘heeeyyyyy. so I don’t have plugs for your country so I’ll leave it undone and you can figure it out kthxbye.’
    I love your moody color choice, I love your flower prints and I also wholly support you having the room you want for the last 8 months that you’re living there.

    1. Oh snap! Were you able to work out the electrical situation? Thanks for the kind words! Can’t wait to see your moody spare room come to life. It’s already come so far!

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