Late Winter Photography - Prime Lens Practice | dreamyBEAST design
Mindfulness and photography make a perfect start to the day! Walk with me while I practice for my first prime lens, and let's discover the secret beauty of a quiet late winter morning.
Caitlin Doughty and the Death Positive Movement | dreamyBEAST design
What is the Death Positive movement? How can it lead to more mindful living? If you've ever had a morbid curiosity about corpses, appreciated the dark history of Halloween, or waxed poetic about the beauty of bleached bones, you need to read this post!
2018 Fashion - Ugly Ass Clothes? | dreamyBEAST design
So... 2018 fashion, amiright? A quick walk through H&M leaves me feeling scared and confused, so I'm asking for your help! HELP ME UNDERSTAND FASHION.
Are you sabotaging your morning makeup routine with thoughtless organization? Follow these easy tips for a smarter, more streamlined way to organize makeup.
Get More Out of Your Life! One Simple Tip | dreamyBEAST design
We all want to get more out of life, but easier said than done, right? It might be simpler than you think. Let's take a walk through my garden and discuss.