Not Grandma's Seed Bag: Seed Bombs and Guerrilla Gardening | dreamyBEAST design
These are not your grandma's paper seed bags! Seed bombs are not just a fun way to spice up your everyday gardening. They have a secret, exciting, subversive (!) purpose. They're basically the spies of the gardening world!
2018 Fashion - Ugly Ass Clothes? | dreamyBEAST design
So... 2018 fashion, amiright? A quick walk through H&M leaves me feeling scared and confused, so I'm asking for your help! HELP ME UNDERSTAND FASHION.
Perfect Imperfection - Saffar's Mixed Metal Dual Bowls | dreamyBEAST design
Listen, I don't use the phrase "perfect imperfection" for just anything... but you guys seriously have to check out these mixed metal, hand-crafted statement pieces that blend art, function, and ethical consumerism. Oh, and did I mention they're drop-dead gorgeous?
My Irish Cream's Surprisingly Clever Bottle Design | dreamyBEAST design
Great design pops up in an unexpected and tasty place over at dreamyBEAST. Grab a coffee mug and some Irish cream, because we're looking at bottle design!
Design Safari Madrid - The Weird | dreamyBEAST design
In the last post, we celebrated some of the lovely wild design in Madrid. Today, get ready to raise your eyebrows for Design Safari Madrid - the Weird!
Design Safari Madrid - The Wonderful | dreamyBEAST design
What does a designer notice when visiting a new city? Local design! There's a lot to see wandering around the streets of Madrid. Here's the wonderful.