You Need a Gorgeous Cactus Photo in Your Day!

You Need a Gorgeous Cactus Photo in Your Day! | dreamyBEAST design


Isn’t she a beauty? Scroll down to see the rest of the photos, or just lose yourself in this cactus photo. In the cool, velvety smooth, gently sloped, radiating leaves of the echeveria.


BoyfriendMan and I spent my birthday in Spain this year, and among his sweet surprises was a visit to the Cactus Garden on Lanzarote! I am one lucky friggin’ duck.

Developed by influential Lanzarote artist and architect César Manrique, the garden boasts 450 species of cactus from 5 continents. Visiting in the off season, we weren’t crammed in with a million people, so we had a great view of the beautiful park and its inhabitants.

It was a smorgasbord of colors, patterns, and textures. It’s enough to make any designer swoon, no matter how black their thumb.


You Need a Gorgeous Cactus Photo in Your Day! | dreamyBEAST design


There’s something just hypnotic about cacti, don’t you think?

I love how they’re so absolutely still, but their geometric patterns invite your eyes to trace endlessly the shape of their spines, ridges, edges. The way their vibrant leaves and flowers contrast so starkly with their rocky surroundings. The precision with which their perfectly geometric leaves cast perfectly geometric shadows on their bright stalks in the hot sun!


You Need a Gorgeous Cactus Photo in Your Day! | dreamyBEAST design


I could wax poetic for ages about their slow but expertly formed existences, or their resilience in a dry, unforgiving climate.

But instead I’ll just shut up (for now) so you can get to the photos. Enjoy!

Cactus Cactus Caaactus ♥♥♥


A note on César Manrique

Manrique is a pretty big deal on Lanzarote, and his effect on the island is much deeper than helping visitors snap the perfect cactus photo. His art and architectural work are both modern and timeless, showing a sincere love for humans and the natural world. His foundation sums up his artistic principles as:

“respectful dialogue between art and the natural medium and between local architectural values and modern conceits.”

If you’re interested in how humans can design their way into a healthier relationship with nature, Manrique is a great artist to start getting to know.




Anyone else in love with cacti? Let me know if you have a succulent in a window somewhere!




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    1. Aren’t cacti captivating? Their symmetries and shapes really can be beautiful. Funny you should ask about the blog name! It’s been for the last couple years, but I’m about to move it over to my new domain, I did recently change my tagline to “Design for the Curious.” 🙂

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