ORC Week 2 - Furniture Shopping Finds | dreamyBEAST design
Furniture shopping day! Will we find anything good? Or will we walk away empty-handed? OR MAYBE BOTH? Will I walk away with part of a dead animal? Can you hypnotize someone with poodles? So many questions during this week's post on the One Room Challenge!
ORC Spring 2018: Multipurpose Playroom! | dreamyBEAST design
It's time for the spring One Room Challenge! We're about to take this stark guest room and create a hard-working multipurpose playroom / guest room combo that welcomes, stimulates, and soothes. Guests will never want to leave. Who else is stoked? HIGH FIVES.
Not Grandma's Seed Bag: Seed Bombs and Guerrilla Gardening | dreamyBEAST design
These are not your grandma's paper seed bags! Seed bombs are not just a fun way to spice up your everyday gardening. They have a secret, exciting, subversive (!) purpose. They're basically the spies of the gardening world!
Late Winter Photography - Prime Lens Practice | dreamyBEAST design
Mindfulness and photography make a perfect start to the day! Walk with me while I practice for my first prime lens, and let's discover the secret beauty of a quiet late winter morning.
Dining Chairs: Which Design Would You Choose? | dreamyBEAST design
I'm embarrassed to admit that I own THREE sets of dining chairs. How did this happen, and what should you keep in mind when making furniture decisions for your dining room? Most importantly, which design would YOU choose?
Caitlin Doughty and the Death Positive Movement | dreamyBEAST design
What is the Death Positive movement? How can it lead to more mindful living? If you've ever had a morbid curiosity about corpses, appreciated the dark history of Halloween, or waxed poetic about the beauty of bleached bones, you need to read this post!
2018 Fashion - Ugly Ass Clothes? | dreamyBEAST design
So... 2018 fashion, amiright? A quick walk through H&M leaves me feeling scared and confused, so I'm asking for your help! HELP ME UNDERSTAND FASHION.
Perfect Imperfection - Saffar's Mixed Metal Dual Bowls | dreamyBEAST design
Listen, I don't use the phrase "perfect imperfection" for just anything... but you guys seriously have to check out these mixed metal, hand-crafted statement pieces that blend art, function, and ethical consumerism. Oh, and did I mention they're drop-dead gorgeous?